Just Tour It!

icon-tuk-it Wondering what kind of Tour should you choose while in Lisbon? We have the right one for you. Just Tuk It, is all about Tuk Tuks in our beautiful city and the magical discoveries you can do with them. While on this ecological and fun vehicles you will have a guided tour in the heart of Lisbon, where streets are never narrow enough. So, yes this is one of the best ways for your sightseeing tours! But, of course, this experience is not great enough if you do not get the tour guide you deserve! Our team is full of passionate, competent, caring and friendly guides, that are very knowledgeable about the city, its geography and history. In sum, what are you waiting for?  Book now, your private Tour with our 100% electric tuk, where knowledge and fun is guaranteed!

discover it - iconReady for Portugal? Discover It in our Van Tours, because your travel can be way more than what you can expect! We have prepared for you private tours to the four corners of Continental Portugal as we like to share some hidden gems that our beautiful Country has to offer. Maybe a Tour to the 7 wonders of Portugal?!? We thrive to have the best experiences for our customers so we do adapt our tours for every client. Every Tour can be customised to your needs. If you have special requests or a specific sightseeing tour in mind we do offer Tailor made tours. Our Team is ready to show every bit of Portuguese land and its people. If you are interested in a Tailor made Tour send us your proposal. Have look, Discover It and lastly Book it.

How about a walk tour through the streets of the historical city of Lisbon? We invite you to discover Lisbon and Walk It through old palaces, robust churches, the most emblematic neighbourhoods, the people of Lisbon and the most picturesque corners that the city has to offer. Walking some of the 7 hills can be challenging but is by far a must do in Lisbon. This is the only way to visit iconic places and unique people that you only find in our Capital. In our private tours where ever you go it will always be with one of our expert local guide who will share all the secrets that this city entrenched in history hides. Feeling ready to walk around Lisbon?!? We are waiting for you. Just book it!

Boat it - iconBoat It in the Tagus River like never before, a perspective of Lisbon like no other. Ready to sail towards to the new world? Our sailing boat is waiting for you to explore the Portuguese shores like a true portuguese discoverer. Fall in love with Lisbon aboard this cruise, a unique experience that you will never forget. Enjoy a private cruise with a complimentary of drinks & appetisers and a tour guide with all the storytelling of the Portuguese Discoveries of the XV century that you deserve! Create unforgettable memories and take pictures to remember!! Also our sailing & cruising boat trips can be tailor made to suit your own itinerary. Do you an adventure in mind? Tell us all about it and lets make it happen!! Are you gonna turn this down? Book it now!

Fado com Guitarra portuguesaHave ever heard about the Portuguese music called Fado? Wanna know what the buzz is all about? As a Portuguese company we have to share authenticity of the Portuguese culture and unique traditions. As such we have to say that Fado is without a doubt a must see for people visiting Lisbon! What it best than a close experience and let our customers live the magic of a Fado night and sense a nostalgia and ‘saudade’ of discovering Lisbon of other times. This Fado Tour is a walk through the music of the humble, poor and local people in the oldest neighbourhoods of this, almost, millennial Portuguese city! This is definitely an experience that we highly recommend. As the Queen of Fado, Amália Rodrigues, once said Fado you do not understand nor explain, you feel it! So what are you waiting for?!? Just Fado that’s what it is, the locals are waiting for you! Come and join us on this Tour. 

How about packing it up for a better deal?

We’ve created a combo of experiences to fill up your day and giving you the opportunity to have a day to remember like never seen. And guess what, these packs are cheaper than buying single experiences. Take a pick and lets have fun in Lisbon! Do you wanna do your own pack with your own combinations?!? Send us a proposal and we create a budget for it! Just Tour It

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