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Porto & Douro Valley


Care to discover the beautiful North part of Portugal ?

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Care to discover the beautiful
North part of Portugal ?
Care to Explore the Undefeated City, known as “The Invicta?
Porto is the city that gave the name to Portugal – first designated as “Portus Cale”
later becoming the capital of “Condado Portucalense”, the County after became Kingdom of Portugal.
Drenched in History, you may imagine!

Enjoy a trip to one of the most enchanting place of our Country
Get familiar with the landmarks such as Luis I bridge, Porto Cathedral,
Sao Bento train station and Torre dos Clerigos while having a glass of Port and letting
yourself indulge in a guilt-free Francesinha.

Take time to enjoy the shores of the Douro river with a peaceful boat trip with the
company of the best wines that the Douro Valley has to offer.

Care to join us for an experience of a life time?

Do not pass on this opportunity, book now!


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