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Portuguese Discoveries


Care to explore the Portuguese Empire?

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Care to explore the Portuguese Empire?
Originally a fishing village, turning out to be one of the pillars of the Portuguese discoveries, Belem.

Care to discover the place were the Portuguese began their voyage towards a Global Empire?

From the beautiful Monastery of Jeronimos to the harbours where the ships were built and repaired before facing the New World.

The History of the discovery of new maritime routes and of reaching out for new lands, never before reached by the Europeans.

On this Tour we will go through the most important monuments in Belem, such as the Torre de Belem, Padrao dos Descobrimentos and the Monastery of Jeronimos.

How about adding our internationally known custard tart, Pasteis de Nata to this? Care to trail along the very footsteps of many great explorers?

Our eagerness to discover is still very much alive!

Travel back in time by Tuk Tuk and we will relieve the time when Lisbon was the heart of International Trade.

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